To-do list before long rides, training camps, or long events

December 16, 2015
If you’re taking your bike to training camp, or to a long riding event, remember to do the following:
  1. Get your bike serviced!! For safety, for performance, and a more enjoyable ride overall.
  2. If you will be in the mountains, get your cassette changed to one with larger sprockets. You may need a new chain to avoid meshing problems that can happen between old chains and new cassettes.
  3. Get new tyres – in this clip, Stew demonstrates how to change a tyre.
  4. Get new brake pads – worn out pads are dangerous and they will damage your rims. Click here to watch Stew demonstrate how to change the brake pads yourself.
  5. Re-charge your DI2 or EPS batteries.
  6. Make sure the batteries in your power meter, cadence sensor and computer are new.
  7. Avoid carbon rims on your wheels if you brake a lot on descents – otherwise they will cook.
  8. Check your cleats are in good condition – click here to see Stew demonstrate how to change your cleat.

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