Riding and race-prep tips

Riding and racing on wet roads

February 20, 2019
Don’t ride at your normal high pressure because you are more likely to skid and aquaplane. Remember to let some air out of your tyres when riding in the rain – this flattens the tyre a bit, provides more rubber in contact with the road, therefore giving more grip.
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Remember the small things before a race!

November 21, 2016
Some tips on small things bike-related that, if not attended to, can spoil or ruin your race you’ve been training so hard for: If you have electronic shifters, check your battery (click here for our 1-minute video) and re-charge them Check your tyres for cuts and replace them if in doubt Check the batteries in […]
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How to change Shimano/SRAM brake pads for a road bike

May 25, 2012
Here Stew demonstrates how to change brake pads for a road bike – Shimano or SRAM. Changing Campagnola brake pads are a little more complicated and needs its own clip. Anyone that needs to change their worn brake pads, OR need to change brake pads regularly between a set of carbon race wheels versus alloy […]
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Servicing your bike before special events

February 10, 2012
A reminder that it’s better to service your bike at least 2 weeks before an event, not just before the event. Here’s why: If your bike needs gear and brake cables replaced, they will stretch and you don’t want your gears playing up in the middle of a triathlon race or cycling event. If your […]
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