Servicing your bike before special events

February 10, 2012

A reminder that it’s better to service your bike at least 2 weeks before an event,
not just before the event. Here’s why:

If your bike needs gear and brake cables replaced, they will stretch and you don’t want your gears playing up in the middle of a triathlon race or cycling event. If your bike is serviced at least 2 weeks prior, riding a few times prior to your event gives a chance for the cables to stretch, and to make fine-tuning adjustments before the event. If you intend on making other adjustments to your bike (new bars, saddle, wheels, gear clusters, height adjustments), or you’ve had new cleats installed onto your shoes it is important to test that your bike has the correct positioning and setup. Once again, if you give yourself a couple of weeks before your event then the fine tuning adjustments can be made stress-free.

So if you have races coming up please book your bike in for a service before we get booked up.
If your bike is serviced at Happy Wheels with new cables, it doesn’t cost anything to have fine tuning adjustments after the cables have stretched.

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