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Riding and racing on wet roads

February 20, 2019
Don’t ride at your normal high pressure because you are more likely to skid and aquaplane. Remember to let some air out of your tyres when riding in the rain – this flattens the tyre a bit, provides more rubber in contact with the road, therefore giving more grip.
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3 crucial elements to endurance racing success, by PB3

November 10, 2017
Here are some training tips from Super Tri Coach Chris Hanrahan of PB3 Coaching. Endurance racing and training success is unique to everyone. Part of the fun of training and racing, is figuring out the unique blend that works for you as an individual when combined with your unique set of limitations (age, work life, […]
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How to set your saddle height

September 27, 2017
A question we get asked a lot is “what’s the right seat height”. Here’s a short clip and simple guide you can do in your own home. You shouldn’t ride too high (hip problems) or too low (knee problems). Once you’ve been riding for a while, refine as required, or take your bike to a […]
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Remember the small things before a race!

November 21, 2016
Some tips on small things bike-related that, if not attended to, can spoil or ruin your race you’ve been training so hard for: If you have electronic shifters, check your battery (click here for our 1-minute video) and re-charge them Check your tyres for cuts and replace them if in doubt Check the batteries in […]
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