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Remember the small things before a race!

November 21, 2016
Some tips on small things bike-related that, if not attended to, can spoil or ruin your race you’ve been training so hard for: If you have electronic shifters, check your battery (click here for our 1-minute video) and re-charge them Check your tyres for cuts and replace them if in doubt Check the batteries in […]
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How to adjust your headset

November 1, 2011
Is your headset making rattling noises or does it feel loose? Do you travel with your bike in the air and want to get some tips on re-assembling your headset? Then watch this short 3minute clip for some tips on how to adjust your headset:
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Maintenance and care in between services

September 19, 2011
A very worn out chain causes cassette cog teeth to be worn down – when you get a new chain, it will not mesh with the cassette, and the cassette will require replacement. This can be avoided if you change your chain for every 3,000 to 5,000 kms of riding (lower kms if you are […]
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