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Go faster. Take minutes off your race time. The wheels we hire out include ENVE, HED, TWE, Zipp, and Profile; Clinchers or Tubulars; shallow rims (45mm) to discs. Our hire fee is inclusive of Happy Wheels in-store professional fitting and adjustment of brakes, brake pads, and cassettes (note some time trial bike models with complex internal braking systems may incur a labour fee).

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What race wheels should I hire?

If you are concerned about windy conditions and/or tight corners, then generally go for a shallower front rim, particularly if you have a lighter build or are not so strong on the bike. Generally most people are fine with a deeper rim on the rear wheel. Also, for some cycling events (road races), there is a minimum number of 12 spokes required on a wheel. There are fewer restrictions for triathlon events and cycling time trial events.


When we hire wheels to you, we prefer that you come into our shop, and allow us to make adjustments such as changing the cassette and adjusting the brakes (sorry if you are interstate – our wheels are available by pick-up only). Our race wheel hire fee includes our labour for professional fitting to:

  • Change your cassette
  • Adjust your brakes: for carbon rims, you may need a different set of brake pads (different compound for carbon rims), and the height of the brakes may need adjustment

Hire fees:

  • Front and rear race wheel pair (NO DISC WHEEL): $250 per week of hire
  • Front wheel (non disc), and a rear disc wheel: $300 per week of hire

If you choose to change the cassette and brakes yourself, the fee remains the same, so why not let us do the work?

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