BYK E450x3i

Age: 5-8 Years. Height: 110-132cm. The Best Kids Bike On The Market. Ability Level: Able to ride, developing major skills. With 3-speed internal, there are no external gears you can damage.


E450 x 3i

  • Featuring all the superior design of the E-450 range with internal 3 speed gears.
  • This has no external gear parts you can damage – for kids who will treat it rough! Whilst you are still learning to handle your bike and gears, you also have a foot brake as well.
  • Smooth handling, safe, ultra-efficient. Just 9+kgs.
  • Gearing: Internal 3-speed Shimano.
  • RRP: $599.00

E450 x 3i MTR (Mountain / Road)

  • This new model introduces a range of bikes that has the advantages of both Mountain and Road style. Fitting the potential of riding on gravel paths and narrow tracks but also just as easily ridden to school and around the bike paths.
  • Optimising both ease of riding and added strength, features abound like the internal 3 speed Shimano gears, curved CRM forks, All purpose tyres, protective chain guard, adjustable headstem and the added practicality of a polished Aluminium frame.
  • The new MTR range starting with the E450MTR is versatile, light and strong and above else extremely relevant to today’s modern rider.
  • Gearing: Internal 3-speed Shimano.
  • RRP: $599.00

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